Leader Of the Wild Hero, Erik Moore An Origin Story

Born amongst the wild mountains of Western Canada, Erik currently resides in Central Florida where he fosters the hope that Humanity and the Natural World can coexist equally. Erik's personal motto, “Explore and Protect,” symbolizes his undying love for exploration of the great outdoors and his dedication to protect the wildlife found there.


“It’s in my blood to explore around every river bend, see from the tops of Mountains, to dive to the depths of the Seas, and to Protect the Wild Animals found there and everywhere between.” - Erik C. Moore



The Call of the Wild came to Erik at an early age as he played in the woods of Alberta, Canada. Alberta is an area on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains, and home to an array of diverse wildlife. Additionally, being the citizen of two nations, Erik got the chance to explore The United States, and his birthplace of Canada equally; a unique opportunity that lit the fuse on Erik's fascination for wildlife.


In more recent years, his heart for animals and his obsession with adventure saw him move to the Sunshine State, Florida. It was there Erik found employment at the theme park, Gatorland. More than a job, Erik had unknowingly begun a lifelong expedition. While sitting on the back of a nine foot American Alligator teaching hundreds of tourists at a time about the importance of coexisting with nature, Erik found his calling in Wildlife Education.


Additionally, Erik has been a dedicated volunteer for over 5 years at the Central Florida Animal Reserve, home to some of Planet Earth's mightiest hunters, Tigers. Here Erik was inspired by the commitment of the volunteers taking care of these majestic cats; an inspiration that would lead to the creation of a wild documentary series highlighting people going above and beyond to preserve nature in all aspects of society. A series that would later come to be known as “The Wild Hero.”


“It was at this beautiful sanctuary where I got to witness the dedication of ordinary people taking time out of their busy lives to come and get dirty so that these great cats could have a happy life. These people are true Heroes, -- nobody asked them to be here, they ask for nothing in return, all they want is to do what they can to help these animals.”  - Erik C. Moore


In 2020, Erik graduated film school from Valencia College and for his Final Project, Erik was assigned to create a documentary of his choosing. He chose to create a documentary short highlighting the group of dedicated volunteers at the Central Florida Animal Reserve. The name of this project was, “The Wild Hero.”


Beyond film-making, Erik is also credited with being a Professional Scuba Instructor, giving him the opportunity to create more Wild Heroes and introduce new divers into a world few people get to see. Erik is thrilled when seeing new divers fall in love with the beauty and mystery of this planet's waters. He hopes that by allowing people to glimpse into this hidden world, they will gain an appreciation and a desire to protect it.


And so now Erik sets out on the expedition of a lifetime, with a mission to do the impossible, End Extinction.


“Ending Extinction might seem a little radical, and some may say it's a lost cause, but I disagree. I think that with hope and perseverance we can create a new tomorrow. By utilizing the advantages of our modern era, we can create a landscape that allows humanity to grow, but more importantly creates the spaces and opportunities for nature to make a comeback. There are countless individuals currently out there fighting in the shadows, in the swamps, the bottoms of the ocean, the heights of mountains, and everywhere else life exists today. It’s these people that I am going to find so that we can learn from them, and understand what we can each do to support them and their missions.”
- Erik C. Moore


Erik asks that we each do what we can to support the Heroes in our local communities. Urging people to reach out for suggestions on how and where to help, for identifying Heroes that deserve recognition, and for upcoming meetings and clean-ups. 


“One of humanity’s greatest strengths as a species is to build, and another one is to love. I honestly think that there is great hope in the modern era for us to repay nature for everything it has given us. From this hope, I have faith that if we all come together, we can create a landscape that allows for coexistence and prosperity; a world free from the threat of Extinction. Earth is a rare gem in the Universe, one bursting with life. Without life, Earth would be just another lonely planet adrift in the vacuum of space. Yet, if we do not change our behavior, our beloved Earth will lose what makes it special, and eventually, us along with it.”  - Erik C. Moore

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